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Ryan swings both ways, but when it comes to having sex with men he likes it really kinky and hard




Zack. 23yrs old. Student.

Horny Zack was groomed to be a music star in his native Australia, but the boy has grown up to be a proper insatiable perv. As a natural bottom he can never get enough cock where his sexual fantasies keep expanding to include more and more men using him at the same time. His small bum has a nice curve to it and it’s earned him a large following. Here I make sure to get an uncensored total view of his arsehole on full display.





Mark has the perfect look of a big mean fucker with his enormous stature and rough accent.




Billy. 23yrs old. Actor.

Rarely has a guy walked in who is so chilled, comfortable in front of the camera but also so eager to start. Billy understands the game and business of porn thoroughly, but he’s still young and his sexual tastes continue to evolve. Listen to him describe his many filthy experiences and all the action that turns him on the most.





Jack is an experienced performer so we are curious about where his filthy mind goes. What would be his ideal porn film?




We’ve been aching to get our filthy mitts on straight student Chris ever since he first walked through our doors.




As well as fulfilling our own selfish desires, we’re performing a kind of public service sexually educating the bright young heterosexual leaders of tomorrow in the audition room.




Morgan. 31yrs old. Software analyst. Morgan is at that prime age where his body is in immaculate condition, but he’s experienced enough to not be totally naïve about how porn works. He exhibits a lot of cool confidence throughout the entire audition. He’s opposed to doing anything sexual with men, but since it is money he’s primarily after once he’s made a few videos his limits might loosen.





Bobby. 18yrs old. Unemployed.

Bobby may have taken on this job because he thought it would be easy money and all he’d have to do is put on a little show. But we’re going to make him earn his pennies by fucking himself stupid! He positions his tight muscular body with difficulty so it’s fully on show while he rams a vibrator up his cunt and strokes his cock. Now he’s a proper slut!




Chris. 21yrs old. Student.

How arrogant must someone be to make porn specifically for his own wank material? That kind of vanity is sexy with someone as self assured and cocky as Chris. It’d be a waste for this lad to cycle all over the city delivering take aways instead of being naked and working up a sweat by fucking as much as possible. Dabbling in sex with men won’t be enough in the future. If he really wants to make a go of it he’ll have to submit to full man on man raunch. 



Fred is of that heteroflexible generation that wants to try everything while he’s young and horny. He’s never gone further than kissing or getting sucked off by a man, but that was enough to make him realize he’s only really attracted to women.





Rolf. 19yrs old. Office work.

When I first met Rolf I thought this timid boy was surely going to bottle it and go running. He looked like a typical nervous straight guy that wouldn’t follow through. Once we got into questioning I discovered I couldn’t have been more wrong. Being here is fulfilling his dirtiest fantasy. It’s surprising he’s not first tried being with a man by meeting someone online or going to a sex club. But it means that we’ll be able to take this boy’s cherry!






Max. 18yrs old. Footballer.

Max has decided at 18 years old that a porn career is for him. Is he just a very horny teenager looking for another opportunity to fuck or does is he really prepared to put in the effort? He’s certainly thought about it as reels off a list of fetishes that turn him on. Will he put his football career on hold to get his end away? And can a man piss on him?





If you get off on a straight man nervously having his first gay sex this is the video for you! Big tall brutish hetero Lee is fresh to the business but fully up for trying out having his first full man on man experience for the right money.






Matteo. 23yrs old. Carpenter.

When Matteo first strutted in and started talking I assumed he would stone cold refuse to do anything sexual with men. So it was a pleasant surprise when he confirmed that for work he’s willing to do just about anything with anyone. That’s the kind of attitude we like! He’s got a perpetually hard cock and anyone who is a good lay is fair game in this filthy minded sporty guy’s mind. 




Ştefan. 23yrs old. Unemployed.

Stefan is a big towering masculine straight man with a long silky foreskin and an arsehole so virginal I don’t think he’s ever even touched it! This is a gentle giant who has never even been naked on camera before. It’s about time his big luscious bum is immortalized on camera. Is there any bigger turn on than hearing a nervous hetero say “Like this?” while pulling his arse cheeks apart? Watch how I push him to extreme arse exposure and make him finger his arse for the first time.

  Stefan giggles nervously when I observe what a hairy arse crack he has. He wouldn’t be so jolly if he knew how many of us were salivating imagining sticking our tongues and cocks up his virgin hole. I try out some new positions with this big towering fucker. This hetero actually learns how sensuous it is showing off his arsehole working up a partial hard on at some points and I make him finger his own arse for the first time.  


Sexy young Craig is naturally passive and has a laid back personality.





Lance. 28yrs old. Loads lorries.

I found you a real diamond in the rough. Lance is a tough hetero man who works hard all day lifting heavy goods. He unwinds by boxing at his local gym or looks to get laid at his local. Failing that there’s late night sessions on webcam showing off his cock to strangers. He’s a sexy straight hunk we’d never get access to in the real world but here his taut muscular body is examined in close detail presenting his purple-headed cock, tight round arse and jerking off on command. He’s led through each stage like an animal struck-dumb by the headlights, barely realizing how I’m getting off on his stripped down slutty exposure before he’s ushered to the door and assured he’ll be called if any work becomes available.

  This is Lance’s chance to get paid porn work and realize all his filthy desires on camera, but first he has to impress me. It’s high time that this fit as fuck boxer’s body is immortalized on film. He’s lean and finely muscled from all his manual labour and training at the gym. It’s never occurred to him that men might fancy his bum the way he fancies fucking chicks in the rear. But watching him part his arse cheeks to show his full sphincter I don’t see how anyone can resist wanting to fuck him.  



Nick. 31yrs old. Project manager.

Hetero Nick has the chiselled good looks of a rugby star or super hero. Confident, popular and hung, this stud breezes through life, but here he’s made to work for the chance to be a porn star. He shows off his big balls and parts his arse cheeks to show off his lightly-bearded arsehole in full. Even though he claims to have a strict no gay policy his limits are a bit loose leading us to believe with the right enticement we can actually get a handful of this sexy fucker.

  Nick spends a lot of time working on his body and the effect is fantastic. It’s a shame he’s submitted to that male grooming habit of shaving off his body hair as he’d look even tastier with some fuzz. It’s a good sign that he doesn’t hesitate in showing anything on demand. With the proper direction this sexy fella could become a real star.  


Sexy young tattooed stud Daniel doesn't define his sexuality; he just wants to get off





April 13th : Freddie. 26yrs old. Mechanic

It’s always the straight boys with the cutest bums that are the most shy about showing them! Freddie is a fit lad with a well trained body, a long meaty foreskin and an arse to die for. But this big confident fella is only interested in screwing chicks. He always wants to be seen as the dominant man in charge. Here he has to show off his pussy like he’s the sluttiest bitch on the block. Let him keep his anal virginity; for now we’ll just enjoy his tight pucker and long stiff cock!

  This is a man who has it easy with charming good looks and a naturally sexy masculine body. He has nothing to be embarrassed about so stripping off for the camera is like being in the sports changing room. But when he gets on his back to spread his arse he feels more vulnerable. Those curvaceous pair of buns part to show a lightly haired pink hole that makes me salivate. I make sure he exposes it for a long time.  



Eric. 21yrs old. Student

Student Eric has come to the UK and used this distance from his home country as an opportunity to explore his dirty sexual side. We can certainly help him out with that! He’s a filthy kinky guy that’s up for almost everything. A tall slender eager sub with a pert little bum and an eager hole, he might as well be answering every question put to him with “Yes sir.” This randy filthy boy is hopefully and eager to be cast in his first porn film.

  He may dress as your typical polite preppy boy, but it’s telling that when Eric starts to strip down he reveals mismatched socks. When he’s on his back with his arse fully spread he looks most at his ease. Bearing his hole and winking it flirtatiously at me it’s like he wants to be fucked right here and now. That tender little nugget of a cock grows healthily thick and pink when his arse is stimulated enough.  



Harry. 18yrs old. Footballer & barman

Young hetero Harry comes into the audition room with a lot of swagger. He brags about what a wild sexual beast he is, but is really emphatic that he has never done anything sexual with another man. He may have clown show teenage hair, but he has a sexy masculine body with saucer-sized nipples and a tight athletic bum. Wouldn’t it blow his world to slide a finger up that tight virgin arse so he feels his prostate being stimulated for the first time in his life? Maybe after a few more years he’ll grow even more adventurous. Be sure to watch his wank video to see Harry’s cock grow rigid and hard without his even touching it.

  Harry gets self conscious with the camera focused on him while he’s stark naked. He’s got a boyish self consciousness about how he looks and worries about the size of his cock. It surprises him that so much emphasis is placed on his arsehole and that he’s commanded to give several different poses showing it off. It’s like a joke to him, but the pounding I’d like to do to his hot hole is no joke.  



November 26th : Dale. 28yrs old. Chef

We’ve seen hundreds of men in TheCastingRoom and almost all their reasons for wanting to be in porn are about money or sex. Hetero Dale has the extraordinary experience of being told by a psychic that he’ll become a pornstar. I think she had her own pervy reasons for telling him this, but anyway he jumps at the chance to strip naked and wank for us because he thinks it’s been written in the stars. Dale is a wiry, excitable guy into martial arts whose balls are so heavy they almost cover his arsehole when he’s naked on his back.

  It’s important to put straight guys at ease when they are being stripped down and physically inspected. Otherwise they tend to freak out and run from the room before I get an eyeful of their naked bodies. Giving the impression that this is just a routine like a doctor’s inspection makes him feel safe enough to pull apart his arse cheeks to show that pucker he’s never revealed before. Dale nervously laughs when he has to pull his butt cheeks apart. He’ll quickly feel comfortable walking around stark naked all the time.  



November 24th : Vincenzo. 27yrs old. Concierge

Hetero Vincenzo is a real man’s man with his thick hairy chest, pert bum and fat cock. He has an insatiable sexual appetite and a taste for experimenting with kinky sex. But he has his limits when it comes to doing anything sexual with other men. Even when he’s been in an orgy situation and a man’s tried to suck him off he puts it to a stop. Straight men can’t accept that pleasure is pleasure.

  He gets self conscious when naked and can’t help glancing at the camera frequently as if wondering who might be watching one day. Look at that big mat of fur covering his chest and his dark-haired pits. He has the horny scent of a man too. Vincenzo pulls apart his hairy bumcrack to show his arsehole which pulses when he’s made to laugh.  


Latest in the FUCKING ROOM: Straight innocent lad from Lithuania has to be fucked and taste cock and cum for the first time.



Luke. 21yrs old. Soccer player

Something a bit different today. I’ve left virtually everything in so you can watch it “as live”. This kid deserves it. He needs the money and I’m going to give him every opportunity to earn it in this business.

Young 21 year old with a cock and arse to die for? Yes please!

I wondered what that extra accent he has. Turns out he had a sporting career in the US as a youngster. Great, I hope he’s a footballer. He is! Fan-fucking-tastic. Let’s hope he agrees to being fucked by men and then I can give him another booking right away.

  We know he’s a footballer. So I’m expecting a tidy arse and some athletic legs. Boy-oh-boy I can’t wait for him to display a luscious pink & totally untouched arsehole. I’ll be sure to make the young lad display it for a good length of time for you fellas to enjoy! Now what about his prick…  



Jack. 21yrs old. Builder

This is the one you've been waiting for.

Jack is devilishly handsome. Sparkling blue eyes, bright white teeth. He also comes across as just the right side of naive and innocent. At just 21 years of age he may think he knows it all when it comes to sex but we know better don't we?

Then the clothes come off and you won't be dissappointed. The body is fit as fuck and all the best parts are 10 out of 10. Now all we need to do is convince him to step right out of his comfort zone!

  There isn't much wrong with Jack's body is there? Could do with less trimming. Probably best kept completely naked 24/7. Ideally cast as a waterpolo player perhaps. Perfect 10 for arsehole. Fantastic hairy hole he has and spreads it nicely..  



Geoff. 28yrs old. Engineer

Enthusiastic young Geoff has left university, found his first job and made a home with his girlfriend. But he has an intense desire to be in porn. It’s an itch he has to scratch. So he sneaks off to The Casting Room for his very first porn audition!

It’s sexy seeing this eager hetero expose his body, present his cock and ass, then jerk off on command when all the while his little lady is waiting at home none the wiser! Having his naked body thoroughly inspected by a man wasn’t his dream, but he’s willing to do it to get his shot at being in a real porn video.

  He’s a little brute. Stripping off and self consciously tugging on his dick to make it look bigger. You can imagine him at the gym boxing and swinging away while working up a sweat. He has the most perfect little tight sphincter you’ve ever seen! It’s a waste that he won’t let anyone even touch it...yet! This dumb hetero doesn’t know the pleasure he’s missing out on. For the moment.  



Logan. 22yrs old. Boxer

Straight young stud Logan comes to audition because it’s as much a personal challenge as a way of making extra money.

He’s certainly got the body for it. A tight trim muscular boxer’s body, a big healthy cock and a tight pink arsehole.

Watch how timid Logan gets when he strips down. He suddenly becomes aware that he’s totally exposed in a tiny room with a strange man. That smooth firm muscular body of his is the type I want to run my hands over all day. I spend a particularly long time lingering on his virgin arsehole because it’s so perfect and untouched.

  Logan’s confidence comes out when he’s put on the spotlight to perform. He hits his stride when he has to get his cock hard and ejaculates. This boy produces a big healthy load of cum that you will want to lap up.  


Also today in the fucking room:


The camera is on from the moment they walk through the door until they leave. ALL of the lads are your typical homophobic sportsman who just wants to fuck chicks. Boxers, footballers, soldiers, rugby players, students - I get to see them all.  
The only way to deal with them is to ignore their questions and suspicions and just order them to strip naked. When they're naked they're less likely to argue.
Moments later and it's too late for them to back out as I tell them to part their buttocks and smile for the camera. Straight virgin arseholes displayed for the first time anywhere, and photographed.
Next it's crunch time - I have to check they can get an erection and ejaculate don't I? They have to imagine they are alone and furiously wank while I record their most private moments.
Cameras in their angry faces as they ejaculate. With fresh sperm still shooting out of their rampant dicks I go in for more close-ups and the poor lads aren't allowed to stop until I give them the okay.
Examined closer than any doctor! Every square inch of their most private parts are captured for the first time on camera. Brightly lit examinations of their holes.
100% straight boys made to crawl naked on tabletops in slutty poses. Systematically taken down on camera and made to pose like the biggest boy-sluts begging to be fucked.
If their fathers could see them now! Hairy builders, lorry drivers, doing the most embarrassing thing they will ever do in their lives. An airport strip search would be preferable!
"No one's going to see this, right?"

"Don't worry mate. It's just a test and I'll wipe the tape after"
Always get a naked boy to clean up! Some of these guys spray copious amounts of semen over my office floor. I always get them to clean up their mess before being allowed to put any clothes on. Just a dirty little pleasure of mine.


Dressed like he’s come for a job interview

Innocent rosy-cheeked Lewis arrives dressed in his best clothes and his eager young cock already stirring in his trousers. I make the naive straight lad spread his legs in the air and give him a crash course on how to display his untouched hole for inspection.

Naive young hard-body nearly backs out

At only 19, Gerrit thought it would be funny to apply to our ad despite having zero experience. He's like a lot of inexperienced guys, a little bit arrogant and way out of his depth. It was fun humouring him and persuading him to expose his ripe young flesh for my camera and show off his ass.

A cute face, a lithe body and a big dick - a winning combination.

19 year old innocent told to
display his hole

It's a laugh for this smug little shitbag, but when he's stark bollock naked on the table with his most private parts on full show he stops laughing. The moron will do anything with the promise of bags of money and hot porn girls to screw.

Exposing his bare ass to another man is obviously uncomfortable for him but I have my ways of persuading my boys to do what I ask.
Rough tough Derek with his muscled, tattooed body and manly scent was a walking tower of power and spunk.

Hunky tough guy gives massive
cum shot!

Derek is all muscle and spunk. You've got to see his hard body pumping in motion, desperate to relieve his massive boner and spray his spunk in front of me.

Derek just fucking goes for it, tugging his throbbing boner till he gushes hot jizz all over.
This fresh-faced young buck looks like butter wouldn't melt with his shirt open slightly to reveal his sexy swimmers body.

Teenage pop magazine model... ordered up on the desk to display his young hole!

Stunningly handsome young men like this think they really have to do EVERYTHING the casting director asks them to do. And boy do we capitalise on their naivety - getting him totally nude and exposing every square inch for our cameras before furiously pulling his youthful cock for all he's worth.

He had the tightest little virgin butt you could imagine and wasn't too shy about showing it off either!
A shaven-headed fighting-machine, this fit young guy thought he could intimidate me.

Young blonde kick boxer, anyone?

He's deadly, but I make him scared. Watch as I make the smooth innocent lad crawl naked on my table, pulling his VERY muscular butt cheeks apart so I can film his sweet and oh-so-tight little fuckhole. Then have him shoot hot sperm for me.

As usual I get my own way and he's on the table with my camera in his ass.


Download and keep all the latest full videos:
25yr old, manager
23yr old, ex-soldier
26yr old, plumber
19yr old, student
20yr old, builder
22yr old, unemployed
27yr old, driving instructor
24yr old, soldier
23yr old, tree surgeon
19yr old, ex-air force
18yr old, hairdresser
24 and 26yr old

International Waterpolo Champion

Seen the size of him? Would YOU order this massive bonehead to push his ass cheeks apart - and then push your camera right up next to his SCORCHING hot hole? Better still, have him pull his thick heavy cock right in front of your face!

I've caught a scally for you

Snared a genuine scally cunt for you. Watch this toe-rag ordered to strip naked and have his private parts examined, including a very intimate and humiliating arsehole inspection. Then his erection and propellant ejaculation are tested.

Professional Rugby League player!

Forget watching hours upon hours of sports on TV just for the merest glimpse of jockstrap. I've captured a 100% Professional rugby league player for you. Totally naked, hole examined with my lens just millimetres away. Shooting great gobs of hot man-juice across my carpet!

18 year old schoolboys will do anything for pennies

Spin them the right line and they can't get their pants off quickly enough! I'll tell them any shit to get my hands on their untouched holes. Even brothers like these two!

Muscleboys just beg to be looked at don't they?

These tough guys make heads turn and jaws drop wherever they go because of their bulging muscles. It's fantastic making them peel their clothes off a layer at a time reveal their bulging parts in all their splendour. These dim-witted guys are pumped up with energy and always eager to unload their balls!

Hot labourers ordered to spread their cheeks

These handsome lunkheads look pissed off when ordered to show their arseholes. They know full well that dirty men like me will get off on imagining fucking the living daylights out of them. But if they refuse to show it they are thrown out the door with no chance of becoming a porn star. That's the way it is.

Michael, an Australian Rules Footballer

Once you've seen an Australian Rules footballer you'll know there's nothing better. It's like they're made to be lusted over. Muscular all over, yes, but devastatingly handsome with it. Now we get to see them the way they should be... covered in come like this one!

Perfect physical specimens

These guys work hard in the gym and keep their bodies in peak physical condition. The returns for maintaining strict regimes are very visible. The most fantastic bodies and explosive male orgasms. Once these disciplined men start gushing there is NO stopping them. A wonder to behold.

Massive black bodybuilder

Do you reckon this one would rip my head off and shit in the hole if he knew where his pictures and video have ended up?!

Leon is a 26 year old heterosexual electrician. Doesn't stop us getting that massive butt apart for an extensive probing of his tight little hole and enjoy close-ups of his throbbing boner as he abuses himself for us.

Thumbs up for spraying their cum

Can you believe these big straight bozos are actually proud of ejaculating for me? After emptying their balls they think they are on the fast track to becoming a massive porn star! They have no idea we're going to jerk off watching their spread arseholes and hard dicks, but they can't complain now can they?!

Young fitness instructors measured and weighed

We record the size, dimension and weight of these fine physical specimens for our records. The lads naively permit us access to their naked bodies so that we can examine them closer than any doctor would.

Poorly paid soldiers and marines exploited

A casting director really can persuade naive straight boys to do ANYTHING!

Real life marines, soldiers, airforce pilots and navy

The fittest fighting men examined in breathtaking detail. Better than any army physical.

Muscular clean-cut rugby union champ

Once I clapped eyes on this young stud's peachy round buttocks I knew it would a crime not to part them. Watch him use those masculine forearms to pull his meaty cheeks apart. I love to imagine him with his tight shorts bent right over on the field, and here we have the sucker stark bollock naked.

Ruddy faced 'choirboy'

Don't worry, this cherub is over 18. But who would've thought I could talk all his clothes off him and get him to furiously pull his rock hard dick and make those young full balls bounce on camera!.

Tattooed hetero hardman covered in come

This is the kind of mean-looking muscular stud who would normally punch my lights out if he caught me eyeing up his bulge. Yet I got this massive muscled bloke covered in sexy tats to stand over me while ejaculating!

Rugby players covered in cum

I couldn't believe my luck when I got my hands on Adam, a 21 yr old professional Australian Rugby League player. These guys are built like brick shit houses and have arses to die for. I got him to spread his butt like a good little straight boyslut and what a hot hole he has.

20 year old student. Cute body, lovely cock

Gary has such a tight fit body and an irresistible cock. Perfect for popping in your mouth. It was a joy to take a good look at his hole and then have him wank off for me. Great to bring an arrogant student down to size too.

Full-on straight boyhole display

There is nothing better than getting a gorgeous straight boy, for the first time in their lives, to display his most private hole. There's no messing around. They have to spread ass on hands and knees, then on their backs AND smile like they're enjoying it. Just like David here.

Keiron, a VERY mean professional rugby star from New Zealand

Even top sportsmen could do with some extra cash. That's how I get tough rugby players like this to degrade themselves so blatantly for the camera. A few years ago I couldn't have dreamt of seeing guys like this even shirtless and now look what I'm getting them to do.

Dean, 20 year old student

Not only is he yet another one to add to my list of rugby conquests, this young pup has only just started University. He has just escaped from his parents and here I am taking full advantage of him!

Fitness magazine cover model

Think those muscular grinning guys on the covers of fitness magazines don't really exist? I thought that too until I met Harleigh. I'd actually seen his photo on the news stand and then in he walks! What a triumph to get this one stark naked, on video, masturbating for our entertainment.

The Olympic Athlete

Just when I thought it simply couldn't get any better I snare a genuine Olympic athlete. Seems that most get paid a pittance and that's where I try to help out. Help them out of their tracksuits I mean. If you've ever wondered what these boys look like naked and on full display then this is for you. I think we can see that perfectly trained buttocks part very nicely indeed. He has very well trained cock and balls too I promise you.

Another excellent pair of thighs

I'd seriously be in fear of my throat if I tried to suck on this big lad's massive dong. It's almost permanently hard and very thick - just like it's owner. You see, he said he could never do anything gay...and then proceeded to spread his great big buttocks for me like the town whore!

Since January 2005 all our video is shot in HD (High Definition) allowing you to see the action in large-format, crystal-clear quality. It's like you are actually in the room watching these naked straight studs audition. No special software is required to play these videos - although a larger monitor is recommended for maximum impact!

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